• the tote/bag, in appearance is really attractive and stylish. It would be so in any color! It only has so many compartments, though. I'm used to big bags that I just throw everything inside in sort of a jumble! But I do like the side pocket for my shoes. The bag, on a whole, keeps everything in a neater arrangement, which is very good for me since I carry so much junk to work, ha-ha.

    Cathy, administrative assistant

  • I love my bag! My girlfriends have asked for mine. I told them to buy their own...it's worth the investment.


    Cara, Free-Lance Photographer

  • I am soooo in love with my SHOSOCKUMB bag. It is so convenient and cute! I use to carry a bulky backpack. Now, I can fit everything I need in my SHOSOCKUMB bag. There are pouches for shoes (dress or tennis), socks, umbrella and a folder of work. There’s even enough room for a paperback and snack. I’m especially impressed because my blackberry in its original case fits comfortably into the inside pouch!!! I’m telling all my friends and coworkers the SHOSOCKUMB is the bag to have!!!!!

    Shirley, IT Programmer


  • I carry the bag to the gym, and get many compliments about the design and the bag's functionality. The fact that the Shusokumb promotes walking, reminds me to make sure I get a walk in each day. I love the many compartments. Oh, and the name, very clever!

    Mark, College Professor
  • I used to carry three bags to work each day. One for my laptop, one for my shoes and umbrella, and one for my personal items. Now I only carry one, the Shusokumb Bag. The Shusokumb Bag makes my life so much easier because it has compartments for everything that I need. There is no other bag that allows you to carry your shoes, umbrella, and laptop all in one. This bag is amazing!

    Sr. Payroll Team Lead
  • It's neat. Not anything out on the market like it, that's what's so unique about it.

    Claire, salesperson
  • Very nice bag! Good quality. I bought one for a friend.

  • Great product! I bought a red one for my wife and she loves it!

    Mark, IT Consultant
  • I actually bought one of the original Shusokumb bags a few years. Back then it was made of canvas, but it still was an attractive bag. In fact, I still have that bag and continue to use it! I love the new design. When I want to go retro, I'll use the earlier version of the bag.

    Portia, Artist