How large is the Shusokumb®?

The Shusokumb measures 14 inches in length, 14 inches, when opened, the Shusokumb is

Why did you select such an odd name for the bag? 

Glad you asked. The name is combination of the items the initial Shusokumb was designed to carry- a pair of shoes, socks, and an umbrella.  Since our initial Shusokumb design, we've added more compartments to accommodate gadgets and other items our customers carry.  We admit, it's a strange name, but once you get it, you get it.  We've even had PR people recommend that we change the name. Our answer? Nah. We've developed a loyal following that has helped build our brand. So to all of the Shusokumb fans out there…we thank you.

Where can I buy a Shusokumb®?

Shusokumb's are only available though our website at www.shusokumb.com 

What's up with the Shusokumb Pledge?

It's so us. The creation of Shusokumb was not an overnight creation. There were many sacrifices that went into launching our product. What it taught us is that there are hurdles that everyone has to go over before you realize the manifestation of a goal or dream.  In our case, it was creating a product that we believed in and not taking “NO” for the final answer. What's important is to never stop believing in yourself and in the process, take good care of your health and value true friendships.
So whether you're creating a new product, pursuing a new career, raising a family, updating your blog, or just dealing with day-to-day life, take time to reflect how blessed you are to see another day. 

Are you considering new colors or patterns? 

Yes we are. We expect to have new colors available later this Fall 2009. Make sure you check out our website for news and updates.

Is the Shusokumb Waterproof?

No. So we don't recommend submerging it in water.  It is made of durable micro fiber and can be wiped clean with water, or mild soap and water.

What if I don't carry a pair of sneakers or the other items the Shusokumb was initially created to carry, can it be used to carry other items?

Please feel free to carry anything you like in your Shusokumb. Some of our customers have used the shusokumb to carry items such as: baby bottles and kids' snacks, a mini laptop, personal hygiene items for the gym, magazines or books, and just general stuff. So whatever you choose to use your Shusokumb bag for is up to you.