About the Shusokumb®

It's a site you've probably noticed every day, millions of women wearing sneakers or flats as they make their way to and from their place of work, or the stay-at-home mom running from the soccer field to the PTA meeting. Some say it's a matter of style, others say it's a matter of comfort. Whatever side you choose, the Shusokumb® is the perfect accessory for the fashion-and-fitness conscious woman.


Stylish and highly functional, the Shusokumb® (Shoes, Socks and Umbrella bag) is a compartmentalized tote for women who make the switch from their sneakers or other comfortable casual shoe for a more workplace appropriate shoe once they arrive to the office.


Promoting physical fitness through walking (and the burning of calories, not fossil fuels), the versatile and vertically designed Shusokumb® allows any commuter to conveniently carry her dress shoes, socks, umbrella, cell phone and other modern accessories. It's for women who know how to always remain stylish, organized, and comfortable whether striding to a morning board meeting straight off of the subway or racing to catch the commuter train at the end of the day, this is the bag to have!


The Shusokumb®! It's functional, fashionable and fun.